The Mission of the Polswiss Group is to fulfill the aims of clients undertaken in the best possible way and to his full satisfaction.
Realization of the company mission:

  • identification and full understanding of clients intentions and goals,
  • reliable consulting and explication to client all technical and formal issues of the planed investment,
  • preparing of the crucial points of the project in the way enable client to take the key decisions personally in full conviction that there were taken in the best possible manner for that type of investment

Vision, goals and the company acting way

“Productivity is the base of survival, effectiveness is the base of success” John C. Maxwell

Capital of Polswiss Group Companies are its employees.
Their pro-activity, professionalism, experience and personal development – are indicators of our success.
Employees and teams of Polswiss Group decided after all to:

  • always know what client wish and expect
  • continually improve the service quality and approach
  • develop and reward team work
  • follow the guidelines of perfection, professionalism and ethics of engineers performance
  • to treat effectiveness, responsibility, creativity, enterprise, motivation, company interest, reciprocal respect and readiness for helping each other as company priorities

Priorities by living company values:

We integrate engineers and technicians in optimal teams which enable the optimal combination of individuality and teamwork to offer the best quality engineering services.
We aspire the partnership, responsibility, loyalty, respect and sacrifice, if necessary, to achieve the final goals and clients satisfaction.