The Ensemble of consulting and design offices Polswiss Group realizes projects in structural engineering and project management. The principal rule of our services is the close cooperation with client and all involved parties like architects, engineers, technologists, experts, enterprises and authorities. The most creative visions of each participant are always particularly supported. An early consideration of legal regulations and structural conditions allowed avoiding risk of expensive project changes during realization process. The project directives are consequently applied until the final moment of takeover of the work. Coordination team focus on client support, budget guideline, incorporating of the architectural vision as well as adopted timetable.
The principle areas of offices activities are:

  • architectural planning, structural engineering, installation and mechanical engineering, projects of roads and bridges
  • technical and technological consulting
  • cost estimation and financial analyses

  2. The offices of Polswiss Group offer investment planning and client’s representation (replacement) services. The basic planning services include land development plans, old building inventorying, preliminary and concept projects, feasibility studies, business plans, submissions for building development conditions, application for permissions and agreements relied to the construction issues, information campaign services, and communication with authorities.
    Members of Polswiss Group cooperate with well known regional consulting offices like Impressio, Walas Architecture, Bieniasz-Nicholson Arch, W.Predki Arch and with foreign partners like Heinle Wischer +Partner in Dresden and Ernst Basler +Partner in Zürich,
    The construction according to authorized projects has been carried out by companies like JPContrakting, Mostostal, FSC, Wrobis, Integer, Bilfinger Berger, SpecBau, TP-elbud, 2WaysPolska, ABB, Foening.
    You are inviting to cooperate with us.

  4. “Each day of collaboration with our clients enable us to involve our knowledge and experiences but also to learn new issues, develop our imagination and enlarge our professional competences.”
    The Polswiss Group offices (Polswiss-Projekt, Polswiss-Engineering, Polswiss-Service, Polswiss-Design &i Ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk) offer not only the standard planning and design services of steel, concrete and wood structures projects but also:

    • prestressed and prefabricate structure design (slabs, bridges, reservoires)
    • advance steel structure design (hangar with span of over 80.m, silos, complex steel-concrete structures)
    • advance concrete structure design (long concrete structures without dilatation, watertight concrete structure)
    • advance foundation design: pile foundation, Bentonit-wall foundation, underwater concrete structure

    Polswiss Group specialists often redesign old existing structures and develop projects for extension of existing old fashion building. To combine new with old structures made for ages required special knowledge and experiences and often lot of formal negotiations with authorities that make the work extremely laborious and complicated. All these services can be demand by Polswiss Group companies.

  6. Polswiss Group offers site and design supervision, quality control and take-over services in Poland and abroad. Experts and high qualify Specialists of structural engineering and related branches carry out for clients site and design supervision, quality control and take-over contracts mainly for chemical plants, steelworks, cement works as well as for bridges and roads.
    Polswiss Group companies built experiences in supervision, quality control and take-over services not only in Poland but also in Saudi Arabian, China, Vietnam, Nigeria and Guinea.

  8. Polswiss Group as a group of five consulting offices has established the complex cooperation between offices, teams and specialists as the leading philosophy of the company. The basic values of this cooperation are competences, mutual respect, confidence, honesty and fairness, engagement, perseverance, identification with the philosophy and final goals of the company.
    The Partnership Initiative being base of the Polswiss Group activity, had been extend on the extern partners and cooperators such as architects, constructors, engineers, experts and specialists bound by common projects issues or the international activity:

    • software distribution: CUBUS
    • planning and design: EBP, Heinle Wischer Partner
    • construction and assembling: Bilfinger, BMS, Huber Straub