Annual Archive

2015-2016, Steinen, CH
  • Investor

Franz Hediger, Steinen, CH

  • Architect/Employer

-Regi Holzbau GmbH, Arch. R. Gwerder Brunen, CH
-Ingenieurbuero Z.Sacharuk GmbH

  • Realization/Structure

– Ingenieurb[ro Z.Saharuk GmbH, Muenchenstein, CH
- Polswiss-Design GmbH, Wrocław, PL

  • Project scope

- execution
- construction works

  • Project description

Scope of work:
Construction of steel structures as well as assembling of roof and facades for a new 2-stories industrial Hediger-Building destined for ‘Workshop, office and parking function’ at Steinen, Switzerland.
Mobilizing of working brigades (2 brigades – steel structure assemblers – 6 peoples). Preparing of the projects, site organization, placement of site management, selection and ordering of site machinery and office equipment, contracting of workers accommodation, time-table for materials supply, and materials storage on site. Scheduling for work execution, quality control, and formal issues according to Swiss low, takeover of work and settlement of accounts.