Annual Archive

Kondratowice, PL
  • Investor

Funke Polska Sp. z o.o.

  • Architect/Employer

- Impresio Sp. z o.o.
- Funke Polska Sp. z o.o.

  • Realization/Structure

Polswiss-Projekt Sp. Z o.o., Wroclaw

  • Project scope

- general designer
- construction supervision

  • Project description

Usable area: 3500,0 m2 Building area: 3000,0 m2 Cubage: 20000,0 m3
Scope of work:
Erection of a new factory for plastic pipe and pipe fitting elements including: production hall, administration building, storage hall, transforming station, silos, roads, parking, storage areas, water reservoir
Complete, multi branch planning, design and erection of production plant. Branch projects: disassembling project for existing buildings, architecture, structure, air condition, sanitary and electrical installations, hitting system, environmental protection structures and measures, concrete roads, parking and storage areas and permission of utilization