Annual Archive

2008-2009, Muttenz, CH
  • Investor

Clariant AG, Muttenz, CH

  • Architect/Employer

Clariant AG, Muttenz, CH

  • Realization/Structure

- Ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk GmbH
- Ernst Basler+Partner AG, Zürich
- Polswiss-Projekt Sp. Z o.o., Wroclaw

  • Project scope

- static and dynamic analysis
- verification of strength in case of earthquake

  • Project description

Clariant chemical plants – the modernization and strengthening of B926 and B935 production buildings.
Scope of work:
Inventory contents and structure of the B926 and B935 production buildings . The proposal of the strengthening with the necessary investment costs.
Detailed inventory of tanks, machinery and building bearing structures; pointing out the load scheme of the buildings in case of earthquake; static and dynamic analysis of the existing structure of the building; strengthening project of existing structures; investment costs of strengthening; presentation of results to the board of Clariant.