Annual Archive

2007, Wroclaw, PL
  • Investor

University of Technology, Wrocław

  • Employer/Architect

Heinle Wischer Partner GbR, Dresden / Wroclaw University of Technology

  • Realization/Structure

- Polswiss-Projekt Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw
- Polswiss-Engineering Sp. z o.o., Krakow
- Ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk GmbH, Münchenstein

  • Project scope

- competition project (first place)
- design and construction permission
- execution project
- site supervision

  • Project description

Usable area: 14 000m2; Location: Grunwald Square, the main campus of Wroclaw University of Technology
Three-membered building (coupler between buildings D1 and D2) with passing under central part; one level underground garage.
Building Features: Regional science center, Wroclaw University of Technology library, administration and representation space.
Scope of work:
Comprehensive structural design of the building.
Design of reinforced concrete load-bearing structure of the building in three phases: competition project, design and construction permission
and execution project.
Foundations – foundation slab, partly reinforced with jet-grounding piles;
Adjacent building protection project, construction of bus bypass for Thermal Engineering main line;
Carrier system: reinforced concrete skeleton, consisting of lift and stair shafts, columns, beams and stiffeners; reinforced concrete slabs and walls.
Special design: suspended reinforced concrete slabs; steel stairs; construction of passage under part B; steel structures supporting the central air-conditioning system.