Annual Archive

1998, Basel, CH
  • Investor

Messe Basel Plus, Bazylea, CH

  • Employer/Architect

Gruner AG, Basel

  • Realization/Structure

Ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk Ltd.

  • Project scope

- site work execution scheme
- building design
- reinforced concete bearing structure

  • Project description

Usable area: 3 500m2 Building area: 1 200m2 Cubage: 24 000m3
Scope of work:
Entrance building, design of the whole supporting structure, Documentation for building permit, execution project
Design of support system, static & dynamic calculation, layout plans, -execution documentation: Reinforced concrete, steel and complex structure of principal building -Steel construction of entry tower shafts and stair cages as well as over the entrance and roof store are realized as a steel structure.