Annual Archive

2001, Walbrzych, PL
  • Investor

PRP Sp. z o.o.,Wroclaw, PL

  • Employer/Architect

Borys Pudelewicz

  • Realization/Structure

Polswiss-Projekt Ltd., Wroclaw

  • Project scope

- design and construction permission
- execution project
- site supervision

  • Project description

Usable area: 6 500m2 Building area: 2 500m2 Cubage: 2 000m3
Scope of work:
Project of supporting structure (foundation, steel and reinforcement concrete structures, wooden structures) including building permit and execution documentation.
Static calculation and CAD drawings for – Concrete-frame supported structure (formwork and reinforcement drawings) – Steel structure for shopping hall with roof parking, stair and lift cases (shop drawings and erection project) – Wooden structure of roof girders Site supervision.