Annual Archive

2002, Basel, CH
  • Investor

I.B.O. Development AG, Zug

  • Employer/Architect

Zwimpfer Partner Architekten, WMM AG, Basel

  • Realization/Structure

Ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk GmbH

  • Project scope

- execution project

  • Project description

Reinforced concrete building in the shape of a comb; 6 floors; 2-stories underground parking house; public transport route for pedestrian and bicycles; total length: 210m; width: 45m.
Scope of work:
Load-bearing structure design.
Design of reinforced concrete load-bearing structure of the building in the executive phase.
- foundation plate and reinforced concrete box on the garage
- carrier system: reinforced concrete skeleton, consisting of stair and lift shafts, columns, beams and substrings, reinforced concrete slabs and prestressed slabs.